Our Track Build

One week until the official opening of our new track. IMG_5770

Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th will see the second coats of tarmac go onto the berms. The track also needs a complete whacker. The end is near!!! Excited much?

We are getting closer to having a complete track!!
The boys at MaxTrax have been busy! Surface is starting to go on and second coats of Tarmac are also going on.

Here is your view from the Pavilion gym. 

Next week we will have surface  

Here is the latest pictures from the visit in early August!

Here is your view from the viewing area on the first and third berm.

Second straight now has shape. This will be a very fast straight. 
Second straight side on.  
First straight jumps are in and shaped.

Here is the view from the entry point of the second corner. Plenty of moves are going to be made here.  

Your view from gate one.  

Here is the track from the starthill! We are around 3 weeks away! The last jump on the third straight is going in.  

Whilst some of the club are away at the World Champs work continues. The Tarmac has begun to go it. Starting to get excited yet?  

 Mid July sees the third and final straight shaped and just awaiting surface. This looks to be a tech final half to the race at Leicester Huncote Hornets.

Third Straight  

Final straight  

As you come out of the second corner this is what you see.  

View of the straight from the finish line and from the last corner.

 The pens are also starting to take shape

9th July saw Huncote track get some stone on the first, last and third straight.  

Early July 

Early July and we have a first jump! This one you can decide whether to send the whole thing, manual through it or jump pop pump. 

 Let us know what you think to the first jump on our Facebook page

24th June

Wednesday 24th June the French Pro Start gate went in!!  
Early June saw the Huncote get the installation of the start hill and 2nd berm. 

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