Summer Series Club Race Rd1

Friday 17th June saw the first round of our new race series. 20 riders turned out to battle for the win, along with prizes and cash as a bit of a bonus.

Rain tried to dampen spirits but us at Leicester Huncote Hornets are a different breed and we battled through it.

Formula 3
Jacob Daniell was the only rider in Formula 4 (Under 9s) category and showed that he wasn’t scared to mix it up in Formula 3 (9-11s) finishing in 4th place. Ben Weiss took a nasty crash which left him out of the final and Ben Rowe pulled out after struggling with illness. It was Charlie Powell who took the win in Formula 3 and the dice landed on 1 meaning he also took away the free entry fee for the next race.

Formula 2
Arlo Phelan had a perfect evening winning every lap taking home maximum points. 2nd place went to Lewis Haslam with Ollie Pegg taking 3rd place. The dice landed on 5 come final time meaning Morgan Marsden who finished 5th will take the free entry fee next time round.

Formula 1
Rhys Wood had a mixed evening to say the least, winning his first 2 motos but went down hard in the first corner in moto 3. He sat out the last race but came back for the final a beat Shaun Issitt who finished 2nd with Aaron Geary in 3rd. Not only did Rhys take home the win, some track but he also won the roll of the dice £20 as it landed on 1. Well done to the three lads William Goode, Josh Barsby and George Hunt who stepped up to Formula 1.

Rd 1 – LHH Race Series results

Series Standings after Rd1


We will hopefully see you at the next round which is being held on Friday 15th July 2016.