Summer Race Series

All the information you need for the Leicester Huncote Hornets Summer Race Series at the Huncote BMX track.

The Race Evening Schedule

6-6.30pm  –  Registration
6-6.40pm  –  Warm-up & Gates
6.45pm  –  Racing starts

2019 Series Final Standings

How it all works

Entry Fee – £5 per rider

Racing Categories
Racing will be in formula categories. There are 4 racing categories. Riders can choose to ride up at their own discretion.

Formula 4 (Under 9s)
Formula 3 (9-11s)
Formula 2 (12-14s)
Formula 1 (15+)

Race Rules

  • Riders will have 3 motos just the same as regional, national and international races.
  • Riders are not given a gate, they will pick a numbered ball ‘out of a hat’ prior to each race which will determine their gate. This way it’s a bit of fun and makes for a ‘bit of banter’ about lane choice.
  • Come final time as the gate goes down we roll a dice. What ever the number is (1-6) the person who finishes in that position will win free race fee for the next race +sweets (for Formula 2-4). For Formula 1 £20 will go to the rider who finishes in that position.
  • Riders will not know that number until the end of the race, so you won’t be able to slow down!!

The points

Each race you can gain points with the final being more heavily weighed.

Heres a table to explain it a bit better: