Summer Series Club Race Rd 2

Friday 15th July saw the second round of the Leicester Huncote Hornets Summer Series. 18 riders turned out for this race with some new faces as well. As always riders were battling it out for the win in each formula but with that bonus of a free race or £20 on hand for a bit more motivation.

The weather was a lot better than round 1 so we was in for a treat.

Formula 4
This time round we had some riders for Jacob Daniell to race in Formula 4 which meant he could race his own age group, although he held his own last time out in round 1. Jacob had a perfect evening winning all his motos and final. 2nd place went to Mazie Harper from Birmingham who also took away the free race prize for next time. 3rd place went to LHH’s Emme Clarkson.

Formula 3
Ben Weiss took a nasty crash in round 1 so came back for this round wanting to prove a point, and boy did he! A perfect afternoon for him winning all motos and the final which gave him maximum 104 points for the standings leaving him in 3rd place overall for the series. No Charlie Powell due to injury which meant the series lead was up for grabs, Gabriel Davey takes over the series lead after coming 2nd behind Ben in the final. Gabriel also took away the bonus free race prize. Third place went to Leon Hill in the final which moves Leon into 2nd place in the series. We saw Enzo Smith race his first summer series event and bringing his mate Tyrese Williams, these two were have a right battle all evening but Tyrese got the better of Enzo in the final coming 4th with Enzo in 5th.

Formula 2
Last rounds winner Arlo Phealan was on holiday for this round so top spot was up for grabs. Ollie Pegg was another rider to have a perfect evening winning all motos and final ahead of Lewis Haslam. These two have got a real battle on their hands and the series points proves that with just 3.5 points separating the two. Third place went to Max Clarkson in his first summer race and 4th went to Martin Smith who also took the free race prize.

Formula 1
Shaun Issitt sat this one out due to his bike still sitting in an Italian airport after the Euro champs. Rhys Wood kept his bike rubber side down this round and left Huncote with no cuts, a win and £20 in his back pocket, not a bad evening to be honest. Aaron Geary took second place which also moves him up to second in the standings 24.5 points behind Rhys who is going to take some catching up. Edward Poles from Derby made his first appearance in the series claiming a hard earnt 3rd place, it was hard earnt as well due to the 4 motos being a bit of a shock to the system. Will Goode took 4th place ahead of George Hunt in 5th and Josh Barsby in 6th.

Rd 2 – 15_07 results

Series Standings after Rd2

For all the pictures of the race evening click HERE

See you all at Round 3 Friday 12th August!


Midlands Regional Leicester Huncote Hornets June 2016

Leicester were the hosts of this Midlands Regional and it was another hot sunny day for this one.

We would like to say a Massive Thanks all the members for their support and help throughout the day to make this a memorable regional.

Well Done to all concernened

Thanks to the Midlands Regional Team for their help and support throughout the day.

Big thanks to Tony Dance for the loan of the PA system


 Total Riders for the day = 320

The racing started at Leicester with the :-


Novice 8-10 Mixed (15 Riders)

Gabriel Davey and Enzo Smith represented the club in this age group and Gabriel smashed it again with three consecutive 1st’ in his motos and finishing it off superbly in the final with another.

Enzo Smith was unluckly with a crash in his 1st moto and a 5th and 4th in the other two motos.

However he finished off by smashing the B Final with a 1st .

Well done Enzo, improving each week.

Novice 11-13 Mixed 12 Riders

This is an exciting category for Leicester with 5 Riders in this age group that have been battling it out all season and believe me they are just a competitive on the training track.

Lewis Haslam           2nd in the A Final

Ollie Pegg                 3rd in the A Final

Alex Bexom              6th in the A Final

Martin Smith           7th in the A Final

William Russell        1st in the B Final

Will was unlucky not making the main but a crash in the 3rd moto stopped him progressing in to the A, apart from that the lads rode consistent all day.

Well done guys always good to watch.

Super Cruiser (28 Riders)

This is a tough category with 28 in the field, Graham Donald put in a solid performance and finished with a 3rd in the B Final under fierce competition.

Male 6 and Under (15 Riders)

Young Harry Donald put in a solid performance and battled really well in this age group.

Harry finished with a 4th in the B

Harry – One to watch for the future.

Male 8 (20 Riders)

Jacob Daniel has been riding well in this category all season and did not let himself down again with a solid performances.

Consecutive 2nd, 2nd , 1st in his motos

2nd in his semi and 3rd in the main

 Male 9 (17 Riders)

 Ben Weiss had solid performances all day in this tough age group and is improving week by week.

Ben rode well in his motos and finished with a 4th in his semi and a 7th in the main.

Male 10 (25 Riders)

Another tough age group full of national riders and Ben Rowe put together a good performance through the motos, unfortunate in his semi but ended the day with a 4th in the B Final.

Charlie Powell did well throughout the day and was unfortunate not to make the A or B with a 4th, 5th, 4th in his motos but finished with a credible 3rd in the C Final

Male 11 (14 Riders)

Arlo Phelan was consistent all day in a strong field with a 3rd, 4th, 4th in the motos and an Unlucky 7th in the A Final

Roben Phillips worked hard in his motos with a 6th 7th, 7th, and a 4th in the B

Male 12 (10 Riders)

Max Clarkson coming back from a broken arm raced a credible 5th and 5th in his first 2 motos and unfortunate to crash out in his 3rd and crashed out in his final.


Male 13 (21 Riders)

Will Goode riding up and age group and Josh Barsby riding up 2 age groups had solid performances in their motos.

Will with a 4th in his semi and Josh missing out on the main with a 6th.

Will finished with a 4th in the main and Josh with a 2nd in the B

Male 14 (15 Riders)

Ashton Cross had a superb days racing with a 1st, 2nd , 1st in his motos and 4th in his semi with a consistent 4th in his final in a massively strong field.

 Veteran (13 Riders)

Patrick Phillips rode well and finished with a 3rd in the B Final

Superclass (17+) (25 Riders)

Shaun Issitt rode well to make the main and finished with a 8th

Aaron Geary again had a good day in the motos unlucky in the semi, but finished with a 3rd in the B





Summer Series Club Race Rd1

Friday 17th June saw the first round of our new race series. 20 riders turned out to battle for the win, along with prizes and cash as a bit of a bonus.

Rain tried to dampen spirits but us at Leicester Huncote Hornets are a different breed and we battled through it.

Formula 3
Jacob Daniell was the only rider in Formula 4 (Under 9s) category and showed that he wasn’t scared to mix it up in Formula 3 (9-11s) finishing in 4th place. Ben Weiss took a nasty crash which left him out of the final and Ben Rowe pulled out after struggling with illness. It was Charlie Powell who took the win in Formula 3 and the dice landed on 1 meaning he also took away the free entry fee for the next race.

Formula 2
Arlo Phelan had a perfect evening winning every lap taking home maximum points. 2nd place went to Lewis Haslam with Ollie Pegg taking 3rd place. The dice landed on 5 come final time meaning Morgan Marsden who finished 5th will take the free entry fee next time round.

Formula 1
Rhys Wood had a mixed evening to say the least, winning his first 2 motos but went down hard in the first corner in moto 3. He sat out the last race but came back for the final a beat Shaun Issitt who finished 2nd with Aaron Geary in 3rd. Not only did Rhys take home the win, some track but he also won the roll of the dice £20 as it landed on 1. Well done to the three lads William Goode, Josh Barsby and George Hunt who stepped up to Formula 1.

Rd 1 – LHH Race Series results

Series Standings after Rd1


We will hopefully see you at the next round which is being held on Friday 15th July 2016.

Midlands Regional Birmingham (Tamworth Club) Rd 1

A fantastic effort from all the Leicester Huncote Hornet Riders at the at the Tamworth Regional held at Birmingham BMX Club this Sunday

The new gazebos looked great, and there was a brilliant turnout of new riders who performed superbly on the day as for some it was the first ever competitive race.

Jenson Cross, our youngest competitive rider of the day, got over his nerves and bagged a 1st in the novice under 7 B Final. Keep an eye on this fella, theres more to come from him.

Leon Hill rode confidently all day with a 3rd, 1st,1st in his moto’s and  followed up with a first in the Novice 8-10 yrs. Well Done Leon, consistent all day.

William Russell, Lewis Haslam and Ollie Pegg battled it out together in the Novice 11-13 yrs with some great performances in the moto’s and all making the main final with Will 3rd, Lewis 5th, Ollie 7th. Well done guys, good consistent racing.

Emme Rose Clarkson in the Female Experts7-8 yrs old rode well in a tough age group and bagged a 1st in the B Final. Well done Emme.

Jacob Daniel in the Male Expert 8 yrs was unlucky to crash out making a move in his first moto, but showed character and bagged  a 4th and 1st in the next two moto and was unfortunate not to make the main but finished with a 1st in the B

Ben Weiss had a great day in the Male Expert 9yrs old, he was consistent in his moto’s with 5th, 3rd, 4th and battled his way to a 6th in the B Final in a very tough group.

Charlie Powell in the Expert male 10’s worked hard in a stacked age group of national riders and was unluckly to miss out on the C final and finished with a 3rd in the D.

Ben Rowe nailed the 1st jump at Birmingham and raced well in the Male Expert 10’s in his motos with a steady 4th, 4th, 5th and was unlucky in his quarter final  and finished with a 8th in the C

Josh Abbott (established National rider making the journey from Royston to ride for the Hornets this season) and Arlo Phelan in the Male Expert 11’s raced well in a busy field of national riders, Josh was consistent in his moto’s with a  2nd, 4th, 1st and a 3rd in his semi with a 4th in the main A final

Arlo Phelan had respectable moto places with a 4th, 1st, 4th but was unlucky in his semi finishing with a 4th in the B Final. Well done lads.

Josh Abbot mixed it with an experienced field of National Riders in the 11’s and earned respectable 2nd, 4th &1st in his motos, a 3rd in the semi and a 4th in the main, consistant racing all day.

Josh Barsby raced up an age group in the Male Expert 12’s and finished a respectable 3rd in the main, but healing vibes go out to Max Clarkson who crashed out in his final and ended up breaking his wrist in two places

Get well soon Max from all at the club.

Will Goode raced up in the Male Expert 13’s, he rode superbly in the moto stages and absolutely  nailed  the 3rd straight, and was  unlucky to finish 6th in a tough A Final.

Ashton Cross in the male Expert 14’s rode consistently well in his moto’s with three 2nd places, and was unlucky with a 5th in the semi but came back with a solid 1st in the B

Arron Geary raced a tough age group in the 17-24, earned a 5th, 4th, 4th in his motos and unfortunate in his semi with a 7th and finished with a 7th in the B, not bad after a late night

Shaun Issitt, maintained respectable moto places with a 2nd, 3rd 2nd in the expert 25-29 yrs, Hit the gate in his semi but managed a 4th  and and a 6th in the main.

A great days racing and hope that all the new rider enjoyed their first competetive races.

We done to the Leicester Huncote Hornets Team Great Effort

Some photos of the weekend courtesy of Smithy Photos


Leicester Huncote Hornets Promo Video

During the latest Kelvin Batey training session Gary from Flite Vision came down with his drone. He came up with this brilliant edit to hype up the club. This just shows what a great facility we have here in Huncote, Leicester. Every Saturday 10.30am-12.30pm. We are even looking at having a mid week race series kicking off in the summer time.

We hope to see more and more riders getting involved with our sessions over the next few months.

Many thanks go out to Gary at Flite Vision for the edit.

British BMX Series 2015

Leicester Huncote Hornets Riders Final Rankings after 10 rounds in the British National Bmx Series

Male 10s 

Josh Barsby    3

Arlo Phelan     27 (1st National Series)

Male 11s

Will Goode.     3

George Hunt   13

Male 25-29

Shaun Issitt.    2

Leicester Huncote Hornets at the World Championships Zolder Belgium July 2015

Shaun ISSIT, Will GOODE, George HUNT & Josh BARSBY are representing Leicester Huncote Hornets at the Zolder Circuit Belgium for the BMX World Championships. 

Sun & Mon two practice days completed with the GB Team.

Racing starts tomorrow Tuesday 21st 8.00 am 

– Moto Sheets Posted.

Good Luck Lads

World Champs Update

Josh Barsby through the moto rounds with a 2nd, 1st, 2nd battling out with the current W7. Qualified to the 1/16 final.

(141 riders in 10s age group)

Josh Barsby 4th in the 1/16 Final through to the 1/8 Final

Josh Barsby run came to an end in the 1/8 with a 6th place.

Will Goode through the moto stages with a 1st, 3rd, 3rd, solid racing, tough moto. Qualified to the 1/16 Final (135 riders in 11s age group)

Will Goode had bad luck in the 1/16 and finished 6th

George Hunt had to pull due to a serious sickness bug throughout the night and a visit to the hospital – but was ruled out too unfit to race. Real shame as George worked really hard this year and was on form.

Shaun Issit had a heavy crash in his 1st moto whilst in a qualifying position and hurt his knee badly.

Managed his 2nd moto with a respectable 6th but unable to continue  for his 3rd moto.

Leicester Huncote Hornets At the European Champs – Erp Netherlands 2015

We have three Leicester Huncote Hornets riders competing at the European Championships this weekend. You can watch the event Live at

When will the riders be racing.

Josh Barsby – Saturday 8am on his 20″

William Goode – Saturday 11.30am on his 20″

Shaun Issitt – Saturday 8am on his Cruiser and Sunday 8.30am

Sweltering 30 degree heat in Erp – Holland

First rack of Motos gone down

Shaun Issitt & Josh Barsby both thru the moto stages.

Will Goode thru the moto’s

Will & Josh in the 1/8 final stages

Will GOODE gone out in 5th place,

Josh BARSBY gone out on 5th place

Congratulations to Shaun Issitt who secured his third Euro plate in a row. E7.

Leicester Huncote Hornets at the Euro Champs

Three Leicester Huncote Hornets riders have headed to Erp in Holland for the Euro Champs this weekend. We wish the best of luck to Josh Barsby, William Goode & Shaun Issitt.   

 Josh Barsby is hoping to better his E7 of last year whilst William Goode is aiming for at least the Semi Final. Shaun Issitt is racing both 20″ & Cruiser.