Midlands Regional BMX Round 3 Nuneaton 8th May 2016

A great turnout for the Leicester Huncote Hornets at Sunny Nunny for round 3 of the  Midlands BMX Regional at Nuneaton BMX Club.

Young Harry Donald raced well in his first 2 moto’s and was unfortunate in his 3rd when crashing out, again was unlucky with a crash in the B Final. Dusted himself down and will be ready for the next regional at Derby. Well done Harry!

Leon Hill (8-10 Novice) started where he finished off in the last 2 Regionals and smashed his moto’s with a 1st, 3rd, 2nd. Consistent all day and finished with a podium position again with a 3rd in the A Final, Trophy cabinet required shortly for this fella.

Gabriel Dave (8-10 Novice) started his first regional with a  brilliant 4th, 2nd, 1st in his moto’s and finish with a 7th in the A. Well done Gabe, looking forward to seeing you at Derby.

Enzo Smith (8-10 Novice) had a great start with consistent racing in his first 2 moto’s with a 4th and 3rd, but was unfortunate to crash out in his 3rd moto and in the B Final. Encouraging racing from Enzo, one to keep an eye on.

Novice 11-13

Ollie Pegg, William Russell, Lewis Haslam, Alex Bexon.

These guys have come on massively and are consistently battling and working out together on the home track during practice and at every regional. These guys have worked hard through the Winter and all there efforts are starting to show.

All these four had consist moto’s and theres nothing between them and all finished in the A Final with 3 podium, Ollie Pegg 1st, William Russell 2nd, Lewis Haslam 3rd, Alex Bexon 4th .

Great Racing Guys, keep it up.

Graham Donald in the (CR40-44) with a massively tough field,  hit three 5th’s in his moto’s and was unfortunate when he crashed out in his final.

Our only female rider Emme Clarkson (Female Expert 7-8) in a difficult class was consistent in her 3 moto’s and finished with a 2nd in the B. well done Emme

Jacob Daniel in the Male 8 Experts had a solid day with some fantastic riding and effort and had a 2nd, 2nd and 3rd in his moto’s and finished with a 4th in the A.

All that hard work is paying off – One to Watch. Well done Jacob

Charlie Powell (Male 10 Expert) has been working hard on the Huncote track and this is starting to pay dividends, quality racing and he improved with each moto , with a 5th, 4th, and 2nd and in a strong field finished with a 3rd in the B. Well done Charlie

Ben Rowe (Male 10 Expert) has been improving each week and gained a respectable 3rd, 3rd and 4th in his moto’s, his final did not do him justice and finished with  7th in the B.

Arlo Phelen (Male 11 Experts) is making ground in this difficult age group with 9 other National Ranked riders, with some powerful first straights had a respectable 3 5th in the moto’s and with and outside gate finished with a 7th in the A. Well done Arlo.

Robin Phillips (Male 11 Experts) in his first regional this year started with a respectable 6th, 6th and 4th in the moto’s and a 4th in the B. Well done Robin.

Ashton Cross (Male 14 Expert) worked hard in an exceptional class to earn a 3rd, 4th, and 2nd in his moto’s and a respectable 5th in the A. Looking stronger each week.

Patrick Phillips (Veteran) first regional this year came back with a 4th, 6th and 5th in moto’s against some strong rivals, finished with a  respectable 4th in the B.

Aaron Geary (17-24 Experts) had a terrific day after a hard night partying in the early hrs celebrating the Leicester’s Premier League Championship.

Aaron picked up a 2nd, 2nd and 4th in this moto’s a 4th in a strong semi and a 7th in the final. The hard work is paying off. Nice one Aaron.

To the parents, thanks for all the support you have shown the team, Well done all, hope you are enjoying it.

See you all at Derby!