Leicester Huncote Hornets at the World Championships Zolder Belgium July 2015

Shaun ISSIT, Will GOODE, George HUNT & Josh BARSBY are representing Leicester Huncote Hornets at the Zolder Circuit Belgium for the BMX World Championships. 

Sun & Mon two practice days completed with the GB Team.

Racing starts tomorrow Tuesday 21st 8.00 am 

– Moto Sheets Posted.

Good Luck Lads

World Champs Update

Josh Barsby through the moto rounds with a 2nd, 1st, 2nd battling out with the current W7. Qualified to the 1/16 final.

(141 riders in 10s age group)

Josh Barsby 4th in the 1/16 Final through to the 1/8 Final

Josh Barsby run came to an end in the 1/8 with a 6th place.

Will Goode through the moto stages with a 1st, 3rd, 3rd, solid racing, tough moto. Qualified to the 1/16 Final (135 riders in 11s age group)

Will Goode had bad luck in the 1/16 and finished 6th

George Hunt had to pull due to a serious sickness bug throughout the night and a visit to the hospital – but was ruled out too unfit to race. Real shame as George worked really hard this year and was on form.

Shaun Issit had a heavy crash in his 1st moto whilst in a qualifying position and hurt his knee badly.

Managed his 2nd moto with a respectable 6th but unable to continue  for his 3rd moto.